Open Food Data
meets Smart Kitchen

7-9 September

Next Hackdays Supported Projects

Welcome to “Business Innovation”

The program “Business Innovation” launched by aims to build a publicly available base of nutrition data, to create new innovative and value adding solutions, and to further develop the use of open data for entrepreneurial purposes.

Every year creative, entrepreneurial and scientific projects in the area of food and nutrition data are selected and supported on their way from the first idea to market readiness by providing new open data, intense coaching, mentorship and financial support.


For this purpose we pursue three main activities:

  1. Creating a platform with open food data
  2. Prototyping new solutions during our Hackdays
  3. Scaling promising open food data projects

Open Food Data Hackdays

The future of food concerns us all!

At the «Open Food Data Hackdays» we invite engineers, designers, agricultural and nutrition experts, entrepreneurs and students to jointly develop new solutions for a transparent and sustainable food system based on open food data. During the event, the diverse participants pitch ideas, form teams of 2-6 people, build prototypes and ultimately present their results.



Next Hackdays

Our next Hackdays will be hosted by V-Zug and
on the 7th to 9th of September at Zugorama in Zug.
For the first time in Open Food Data history, we will
add hardware aspects to our Hackdays, under the slogan:

“Open Food Data meets Smart Kitchen”

If you’re excited about transforming the food system as well,
join us for 2,5 days of impactful hacking:




The schedule of the program will look as follows:

15:00, Friday           reception with welcome apéro & coffee
15:30, Friday         project ideas presentation & team building
17:00, Friday           start working in teams on prototypes
13:30, Saturday           coaching for presenting, design & business
12:00, Sunday           final presentation of prototypes

Food and drinks will be provided to keep you going as
long as possible. Plus, a fun and accelerating side program
including coaching and cooking awaits you.



– Get connected to a valuable network sharing
your passion for food innovation!
– Work with like-minded and brilliant team members
on a project idea you care about.
– Learn about new food datasets, challenges & solutions.
– Your project team can get coaching in presenting, design
& business from industry experts.
– Enjoy an accelerating and fun side program,
including food, drinks, cooking and more.
– The winning project will get incubated by with
network, 10 hours of specialised coaching & CHF 5000 price money


Available Open Hardware

We will have the following V Zug devices with accessible APIs
at the Hackdays to work with:
– 4 Combi-Steamers CST-XSL (download detailed infos)
– 1 Combi-Steamer CST-MSLQ (download detailed infos)


Project Ideas

You can find an overview of submitted project ideas
on our hackathon platform. If you have a relevant project
idea or challenge related to open food data in mind,
please submit it here.


Open Food Datasets

You can find an overview of the currently available open
food data right here: Open Data Resources. There are new
data sets being added on a regular basis and we also welcome
projects that aim to gather new valuable data. If you own or
manage food data, which you want to make available,
please get in contact with us.


One project will get incubated by
for approximately 6 months with:

– Connection to relevant business and industry players
– Financial support of up to CHF 5’000
– 10 hours of specialised coaching according to needs

The selection criteria are:

– be innovative
– have a positive impact
– stay feasible
– strengthen open data


Do I need to have a project idea or team to participate?
– No, you don’t have to. Various project ideas and challenges will
be presented at the beginning of the Hackdays. You can join
the idea and team that you feel most inspired by.

Do I need to stay at the Hackdays location for 2,5 days?
– As soon as you have a team you can arrange yourself on how
you collaborate. Generally, you are free to move around as you like.

What do I need to bring along?
– Most importantly: don’t forget your laptop. You might also want
your notebook, pens and potentially a sleeping bag. But generally,
we’ll try to arrange for everything. E.g. papers, flipcharts, Postits, food
and drinks will be provided.


Institutions, Companies & Startups

Companies and institutions interested in open food data and
food innovation are welcome to participate through:

– sponsoring or co-hosting our next Hackdays
– making food-related data available for our hackdays,
in order to unlock new potentials and solutions
presenting a project idea or challenge at the Hackdays,
in order to gather motivated individuals to work on it

Supported Projects


The following projects were sent to the last round at the international
incubator Masschallenge and are currently being supported by

Food on Record

Helps nutritionists to provide faster and better advice to their patients. See project overview


Helps individuals achieve a healthier lifestyle with personalized food recommendations. See project overview


Helps restaurants foresee the amount of clients and orders to save resources. See project overview


Fights against fake products with the help of data and Ambrosus Blockchain technology. See project overview



The following projects were incubated by over almost 12 months:


Foodimmune is an application, that keeps you stay healthy with traditional medicine food. You are what you eat. See Final Report FoodImmune


With our project, we aim to illuminate the story of the meat you buy in store and make meat buying more personal. See Final Report MeatStory


Tool that helps connecting individuals who are seeking for healthier food to restaurants. See Final Report NutriMenu

Jarvis the Nutritionist

Jarvis is here to help you for your groceries ! He’s smart, kind and neutral, he won’t judge you. See: Final Report Jarvis 


Open Receipts turns your food receipts into actionable data: calories, allergies and more. See: Final Report Openreceipts


All Past Projects

All the projects and prototypes presented and developed at our Hackdays can be viewed on our community platform, linked below:

Basel, February 16-17, 2018

Lausanne, January 27-28, 2018

Lausanne and Zürich, February 10-11, 2017

Press Coverage 2018

“Unterstützung für Food-Tech Projekte” (Startupticker)

“Hacks für gesunde Ernährung und gegen Foodwaste” (Baselarea)


Press Coverage 2017

“The first OpenFood hackathon at EPFL is a hit” (EPFL)

“OpenFood Hackdays»: 200 Leute tüftelten in Lausanne und Zürich” (Blick)

Le hackathon alimentaire fait recette à l’EPFL” (ICT Journal)




You have data, knowledge or infrastructure to share? You are interested in what this is all about? Please get in touch:

The Food Working Group
is a part of the association.