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Welcome to
“Business Innovation food.opendata”

The three year program “Business Innovation” launched by and Engagement Migros supports creative, entrepreneurial and scientific projects in the area of food and nutrition data on their way from the first idea to market readiness by providing new open data, intense coaching and mentorship, and financial support.

The program aims to build a publicly available base of nutrition data, to create new innovative and value adding solutions, and to further develop the use of open data for entrepreneurial purposes.

Our Activities

“Business Innovation food.opendata” follows three main activities:

  1. Creating a platform with open food data
  2. Prototyping new solutions with open food data
  3. Scaling promising open food data projects

Within this activities we are collecting open data in the area of food and nutrition, connect different stakeholders, organise hackdays, and support selected projects with financial means.

Open Food Hackdays 2017

On February 10/11, the first Open Food Hackdays took place at ZHdK in Zurich and at EPFL in Lausanne. In total, more than 220 participants with backgrounds from software development, engineering, nutrition, entrepreneurship were coming together these days to jointly develop new projects using open data on food and nutrition.


During the Open Food Hackdays more than 20 projects have been developed during 24 hours. The results of all the projects can be found here.




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Supported Projects

The following projects are supported by “Business Innovation food.opendata” during the next months with financial and coaching support.


Foodimmune is an application, that keeps you stay healthy with traditional medicine food. You are what you eat.

Learn more about the project here.


«foodly» is a new application which eases a customer’s life during shopping.

Learn more about the project here.


With our project, we aim to illuminate the story of the meat you buy in store and make meat buying more personal.

Learn more about the project here.


Tool that helps connecting individuals who are seeking for healthier food to restaurants.

Learn more about the project here.

Jarvis the Nutritionist

Jarvis is here to help you for your groceries ! He’s smart, kind and neutral, he won’t judge you.

Learn more about the project here.


Open Receipts turns your food receipts into actionable data: calories, allergies and more

Learn more about the project here.

Press Releases

Medienmitteilung 15.02.2017 (PDF)
Medienmitteilung 02.11.2016 (PDF)

Communiqué de presse 15.02.2017 (PDF)
Communiqué de presse 02.11.2016 (PDF)

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