Share your Data


Sharing and opening up your data or API can be of great value to gather brainpower, solve challenges and generate new ideas. Here are a few quotes of past participants that opened up:

Simon Michel, co-founder of the startup Prognolite: “We provided data from our partner Jucker Farm for the Hackdays because we were looking for ideas about what can be predicted and optimized based on restaurant sales figures. In addition to an ingenious, functional prototype, we collected many new ideas and got to know great people.”

Beat Sidler from V-Zug believes that collaboration and openness will take on a more relevant role in the future: “The future of cooking won’t be invented by us alone, ideas and contributions need to come from everywhere. It was inspirational to see participants develop the kitchen of their dreams based on our recipe data and accessible ovens.”

Thomas Buerki, co-founder of DigiMeals: “Our Open Recipe API was used for various projects during the Hackdays. Participants created really exciting solutions to address challenges in the food space and provided us with invaluable input for the development and improvement of our API and the data behind it.”