Open Food Data Hackdays

Open Food Data Hackdays

The future of food concerns us all!

At our «Open Food Data Hackdays» we invite engineers, designers, agricultural and nutrition experts, entrepreneurs and students to jointly develop new solutions for a transparent and sustainable food system based on open food data. We strongly believe that collaboration and cross-disciplinary teams are key to innovation and problem solving.


What can I expect?

During the event, participants

1. pitch challenges & project ideas
2. form teams of 1-6 people (you are free to work on what you care about)
3. hack during x hours to develop prototypes
4. ultimately present their results


What have you achieved so far?

You can find a list of the last Hackdays winner further down and all the challenges & results of our last Hackdays on our project platform:

– Basel 2018
– Lausanne 2018
– Zurich/Lausanne 2017


What guidelines do you have?

1. Our hackathon is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment and a harassment-free experience for everyone. This is why we ask all participants to follow our hacking guidelines.
2. (Obviously) everyone retains the rights to anything they created. Waiver: no one will exercise any rights of exclusivity.
3. All participants are encouraged to submit their results under a recognized open source license.
4. We also encourage you to give credits too all team members: include all those who have somehow contributed to the project


Why should I join?

– First of all: Hackdays are always fun! Here are a few quotes of past participants to help you imagine what it’s like to participate. 🙂
– Work with like-minded, brilliant & multidisciplinary team members on a project idea you care about.
– Learn about new food datasets, challenges & solutions.


Next Hackdays

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